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Thread: club gig

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    club gig

    Taken last night at "Life on Wilshire", a pretty cool restaurant/bar here in LA. I was doing my first gig with a great guitarist/singer ( on bass. A pic from the jazz vocalist quintet that played before us. I shot this with the "party" preset on the dl3. Yeah, I know...but I figured I'd experiment. It also was a jpg which explains the water colors when I boosted the contrast.

    I don't seem to be able to get the grain/grit that I see on a lot of the photos here. I'm assuming that jpg is smoothing that out and that it tends to come at higher iso numbers (in fact this shot was iso200 at 2 sec exposure). What is a typical set of tweaks to get the grain? My assumption has been: shoot raw, high iso, monochrome mixer (new in aperture 2 - used to just drop color saturation), boost contrast, dial back shadows (using aperture), and mess with exposure and enhance sliders (that is how aperture 2 is now configured).

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    Re: club gig

    I shoot RAW with my D-Lux 3 and use either iPhoto or LightZone to process the files. ISO 400 and 800 will give you a good grainy look without smearing.

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