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Thread: Central District Banks

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    Central District Banks

    I'm really not doing this camera justice to show you snapshots, but I feel like posting something, anyway. This photo should have been taken on a tripod with a smaller aperture... instead, I whacked the DP2, gently, against a signpost at 7pm and took it at ISO200, 1/40s, f/2.8. But at that distance, most everything is in focus.

    Click on image for full-size image, lightly sharpened.

    From the left, there's the Bank of China Tower, Cheung Kong Centre, and the massive Erector Set taking up the most screen real estate is the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Building.

    You can't tell from this angle, but the Bank of China Building is much taller than the other two. Oh, yes, we're in Hong Kong, Toto... in the central business district known as Central.


    All three buildings are fairly unique and if you'd like a little more information, the Wikipedia entries are quite good -- just click on the names above.
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