David and I had lunch yesterday and I showed him my new DP2. After lunch, we walked outside into the sunshine and I took these three shots as we wandered up the street.

He and I share the same birthday and have been friends for over 20 years – although that may change when he discovers these… but he stood still for the photos, so I’m hoping he’ll stand still for this.

All three were taken with a Sigma DP2, RAW, Aperture Priority at f/2.8, -1/3 EC.

These small images were lightly sharpened. Click on them for 100% images (cropped in various ways) that are unsharpened.

David is a Canon 5D man, himself, and is considering the 5DMarkII as his next camera. He takes some beautiful photos, most especially of Vietnam, and here was his one-line email comment about the results of the DP2: “As much as I abhor looking at photographs of myself, I have to agree with you – excellent camera.”