First, thanks from a newbie who has learned alot over the past month since I was referred here from ReidReviews.

I have had digital experience with a Canon 20D, and more recently a Leica M8, and have had no problems with using Lightroom with these RAW files, but it has been a big change to use Lightroom to develop Ricoh DR 2 files. My goal is to use the Ricoh as a daily camera for B&W images, and have been working to find a preset developer as a starting point. The following are my first choices for Lightroom, but I'm happy to hear about other variations. I know there are othere developers, but I would like to work with Lightroom for now as I have the most experience with this workflow.

Brightness 50
Contrast 25

Clarity 40

Grayscale as preset

Noise reduction
Luminance 50

Amount 50
Radius 0.8
Detail 25
Masking 0

Hope this is helpful to someone, and thanks again.


Flicker Phots