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Thread: GR-DII batteries?

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    GR-DII batteries?

    GR-DII users, how many spares to you carry with you? I always carry two for my M8 and 4 for my 5D with grip. This isn't counting the one in the camera.

    Where are you getting them?

    Also a car charger for them?

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    Re: GR-DII batteries?

    Only carry the one in the camera and an additional one. This is enough and you can always get some AAAs if really necessary.

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    Re: GR-DII batteries?

    i usually carry two more (because i have them more than necessity), but have only been caught out once where i needed the second. it was an all-day, all night, with the camera on most of the time. for typical shooting, one additional battery is more than enough for the GRDII (the original GRD had less battery life which was why i got my second). i bought the extra battery from my dealer and got the Ricoh one rather than a generic. for the price differential, i'd always rather have the real McCoy.

    i just bought a car charger for $20 or so from popflash for my brother who lives in los angeles. if you drive a lot, it makes total sense (it plugs into the lighter and has a battery cradle just like the original charger rather than plugging directly into the camera). however, if you ever shoot out the car window, you'll still want that extra battery so one is always in the camera.

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    Michael Rivers

    Re: GR-DII batteries?

    GRD 2 has much better battery life than an M8. I also have the viewfinder so i turn off the screen, and don't chimp much. I don't have a problem filling a 4Gig card with 250+ DNG files over a couple of days of weekend shooting.

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