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Thread: Usually, they just explode...

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    Usually, they just explode...

    Beer can often give you an attitude, but this is the first one I've seen with an attitude of its own. So I turned it into a marketing photo...

    Since this is a photo forum, perhaps a few shooting notes are in order...

    I opened the freezer to find the bottle lying on its side just as you see it. I was surprised because I usually find glass shards and frozen foam. The cap was exactly centred, as well.

    I picked it up and took it immediately to the garden and took these shots with a Canon G9 before anything melted. The only retouching was on the bottle to remove a thumbprint above the label (I wasn't thinking when I picked it up). And that's about all there is to it.

    Unlike most stunts, you can try this at home -- indeed, you'll almost have to -- but don't expect it to work more than once in a lifetime.
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    Re: Usually, they just explode...

    i think they'll definitely buy it!


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