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Thread: Just a Hint?

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    D upton-Hackett.

    Just a Hint?

    While visiting a small camera show on the UK's South Coast,last Tuesday those exhibiting Where Nikon- canon- Sony and Sigma with few selling Accessories.
    I made a bee line to Sigma hoping to see The DP2 but alas not a C/C insight on any stand just the latest SLR's.

    Had a chance to chat to the British sales manager for Sigma and asked what was the chance of a DP3 being announced, he frowned shook his head and said nothing in the near future as he understood. we continued to chat he then took me by surprise by hinting that if anything where to be forthcoming it is likely to be a new version of the DP1 the DP1a. for which i thanked him.

    Mmmm that left me thinking if it happens what improvement will be made?

    Open for thoughts from you.


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    Re: Just a Hint?

    I would be happy with an increase in the shooting times speed and a better screen.

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