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Thread: Life imitating art...or at least T-shirt.

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    Life imitating art...or at least T-shirt.

    Besides the image quality of the DP2, there's a little magic in it. This photo was taken blind, at waist level with my thumb on the shutter button, and the camera set to f/2.8 and Manual Focus at 7 feet (her face is not perfectly sharp because she's a little closer than that).

    It's a technique I've used for years with other cameras, but I've never gotten the high percentage of keepers that I get with the DP2. Out of every 5 or 10 I shoot with the DP2, at least one has some charm to it... whereas it takes about 30 shots with any other camera (not a scientific evaluation, of course).

    Whatever the reason, I like it... and her... and Olive Oyl... and I'm happy that Popeye is pretty well hidden. And what kind of astronomical luck is it that she's adjusting her hair, carrying a perky polka-dot bag, and keeping her left arm high enough that she doesn't obscure Olive?

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    D upton-Hackett.

    Re: Life imitating art...or at least T-shirt.

    Who's a lucky shooter then.

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    Re: Life imitating art...or at least T-shirt.

    Great captures Don, please keep em coming!

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