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Thread: Things that catch your eye...

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    Things that catch your eye...

    Sigma DP2, click for nearly full-size image. It's f/2.8, which is why you see focus fall-off on the far side. I rather like it.

    Warm sunshine flooding in this morning and no one around to tell me not to take a photo of our unmade bed. As you can see, I did nothing to make it look stylishly unkempt. The patterns are thrown by the lace curtain -- you can see a bit of the pattern in the upper-right corner on the other curtain. The DP2 is producing such lovely photos that it's tempting to shoot nearly everything just so you can have the surprise of developing it.

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    D upton-Hackett.

    Re: Things that catch your eye...

    Mind your head on the bed lamps
    beautiful colour rendition.


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