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Thread: Lens comparisons for full frame a850

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    Lens comparisons for full frame a850

    I'm looking for some advice/personal experience on some full frame lenses on an a850.

    First, Sony 50 f/1.4 vs. Minolta 50 f/1.7 vs. Sigma 50 f/1.4 (disregarding the 1/3 stop for the Minolta, looking for quality/performance thoughts)

    Second, Minolta 38-135 f/4-4.5 vs. Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 (again, disregarding speed and length, looking for quality/performance thoughts)


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    Re: Lens comparisons for full frame a850

    I think you mean the 28-135... I have that and the Minolta 50 1.4(early model, metal internals) and both are very nice lenses. Legend has it that the 28-135 was the first lens from the "G" factory, before they thought to label the higher end with the "G" moniker. If you get a good copy it is tough to beat on price/performance. Make sure you can live with the MFD before buying, though.

    Try, the lens database has many reviews, and links to reviews on other sites. Also there are threads dedicated to showing images per individual lens, e.g. a 28-135 thread, a 50 1.4 thread, etc.
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    Re: Lens comparisons for full frame a850

    I have the Minolta 24-105 which is a very compact great walk around lens (A900 but A850 should be the same). I bought mine used from Great purchase as the 24-70 is so much larger/heavier.

    I was just talking about 50's yesterday. The Sigma 50 is supposed to be excellent. There are samples from that lens in some of the A900 picture threads. Look for the posts from Shelby Lewis.

    My other lenses are the Sigma 12-24, but if I were to do it over again I would probably get the Zeiss 16-35 for landscape as on the 24-70 when I use even a thin polarizer or ND I get some bad vignetting which doesn't happen at that focal length on the 16-35 and the Sigma doesn't take filters.

    135 lens is a dream but could be an odd focal length for you.

    Long I use the 70-300.

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