I'm eyeballing both of these lenses, and I don't think anyone would dispute the bokeh quality or sharpness of the STF. The greater versatility of the CZ lens is a big factor in the "pro" column, MF on the STF and relatively dim VF expected with the 4.5 T-value a big factor in the "con" column.

I keep hearing about the sharpness of the CZ lens, though I have not dug deep, for example I haven't seen an MTF chart at this time or full-res photos. Edward Karaa posted some snake pics in the "Fun With Sony"thread that made me realize that, at least up close, the CZ can render some incredible bokeh in its own right. No mean feat since as I understand it superior sharpness and superior bokeh don't always go together.

Basically what I'm looking for is thoughts on these two lenses from folks who have used both. What I have in this FL range is the 28-135 4-4.5 and the original Minolta 80-200 APO 2.8. I expect that either prime would be superior to these at 135 but direct-experience comparisons to those would be helpful as well.

I do find the CZ 24-70 tempting, but I already have decent relatively-fast primes in this range and of course the 28-135. Maybe somewhere down the road.