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Thread: Best sensor cleaning "pen/spatula"?

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    Best sensor cleaning "pen/spatula"?

    Hi, I've been checking out several sensor cleaning videos on youtube and I've already bought the most used air blower out there. Now I want to get one of those cleaning "pen/spatula". Which one is the best?



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    Re: Best sensor cleaning "pen/spatula"?

    Get PEC Sensor Swabs; they're not cheap, but work well. Also some Eclipse E2 fluid for the occasional, stubborn spots. Note that there's is an Eclipse optical/emulsion cleaner and a completely different Eclipse E2. I use the former to clean lenses and exteriors (great for finger prints and general cleaning), the latter for sensors. The sensor pads come in two sizes, for crop sensors and full frame. They CAN be somewhat tough to find.

    Edit: actually, they come in a bunch of different types I see...

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