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Thread: Sell Contax G 28 for Nex Zeiss 24 1.7?

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    Sell Contax G 28 for Nex Zeiss 24 1.7?

    I am wondering whether individuals who are happy with the Contax G 28mm on the Nex will opt for the Zeiss 24 1.7 (assuming the rumors are accurate) when the Zeiss appears. I am happy enough with the manual focus of the Contax G 28, but might not mind a faster lens for use indoors and perhaps an even closer focusing distance. Does anyone lean towards abandoning the Contax G 28 and opting for the Nex Zeiss 24? Could the Contax G have anything to offer beyond its size? I am aware that the new Zeiss would not have the corner issues of the Contax G on the Nex.
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    Re: Sell Contax G 28 for Nex Zeiss 24 1.7?

    If the Zeiss 24 performs as well on NEX as the ZA primes perform on Alpha, then it'll be a no-brainer, but it's tough to say until the lens is released. Personally, I haven't even purchased any primes for NEX wider than 35mm (except the Sony 16,) because I'm waiting for a wide prime without corner issues (and 50mm equivalent is my go to, anyways.)

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