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Thread: NEX & biggish hands?

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    NEX & biggish hands?

    Hi. I've several times thought about getting a cheapish NEX camera as a portable solution. However, I recently tried a NEX 3 with its even smaller than NEX 5 grip in a store and I felt it was close to impossible to hold with my size 8 claws. I realize with bigger lenses one can hold more or less the lens while the camera body just tags along, but I just could not find a way to hold one with a smaller lens. It felt like I'd have to hold it with just a few fingers. How do you guys with bigger hands find the ergonomics?

    (As a side note, I'm also beginning to like the bigger DSLRs. I'm a Pentax user and have thought that I like compact cameras. But especially with my K-x, my little finger is off the grip in the air. I recently handled a Canon 7D in a store and while I wasn't too fond of the button and menu ergonomics, the camera size and grip fit like a glove. I just loved the grip.)

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    Re: NEX & biggish hands?

    Yep, you definitely give up grip space for portability. I don't have particularly large hands, but I use one of these cases, and it bulks up the grip a bit:

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