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Thread: NEX-5N lens choice

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    NEX-5N lens choice

    Hello forum, I've been lurking around for a while but decided it's time for my first post here. I'm a gear junky and I hide most of my lenses from someone I hope is not reading this forum.

    I love my a900 and I have an extensive set of Minolta and Sony lenses. I also have some very nice legacy lenses (Contax G, C/Y Zeiss, Voigtländer etc.).

    I'm going to buy the Sony NEX-5N for three reasons:
    1) I want a camera that produces nice JPG pictures with a minimum of fuzz (I use the a900 in RAW mode for more demanding work).
    2) I want to use my legacy lens collection on a digital camera
    3) I want a small and light camera for travel

    The thing is, I want to buy the NEX-5N as a kit. Which lens combination would you recommend?
    - 18-55mm
    - 16mm + 18-55mm
    - 18-200mm

    The kit lens(es) would be used for travel mostly.
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    Re: NEX-5N lens choice

    Depends if you like the 55-200mm range when you travel
    I choose the 16+18-55 but for travelling the 18-200 might be nice (if you are into nature and teleshooting).
    On the other side I dont know if I wanted to carry a much bigger lens than the 18-55 on a Nex.

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    Re: NEX-5N lens choice

    It's a tough decision, I am struggling with the same, but in my case it is for an NEX-7 (if I actually can get one).

    I like the idea of an NEX body plus the 18-200 + the upcoming 50mm 1.8 to pair with my existing PenF 38mm f1.8.

    But the size of the 18-200 makes me hesitate.

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    Re: NEX-5N lens choice

    The 18-200 is sitting in front of me - it is quite big, but then it's also quite good. I do also have the 16mm and the 18-55 . . . . which is also quite good.

    To be honest I'm happy to have all three lenses - they all have their moments, so in your position I think I'd work out the cheapest way of getting them all.

    N.B. the 18-200 is much better than most lenses of that ilk, and a NEX5 with it and a viewfinder is a very small thing compared to an A900.

    Just this guy you know

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