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Thread: Minolta RF Rokkor mirror lenses on NEX-5N

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    Minolta RF Rokkor mirror lenses on NEX-5N

    How do the different Minolta RF Rokkor mirror lenses do on the Sony NEX cameras, especially the NEX-5N?

    I don't have a NEX yet as I can't decide which one I want, but it will probably be a NEX-5N.

    I have a 250/f5.6 and a 500/f8 and a MD 2x 200-L teleconverter (which is optically the same as the older 2x APO teleconverter and the newer 2x 300-L).

    According to this list, the the tc should work well on the 500/f8 but with some image degradation on the 250/f5.6

    What is the consensus on mirror lenses and teleconverters. The high ISO quality of the newer cameras should open up new possibilities. Will diffraction at f16 be a problem?

    Finally, do you think that the 250mm plus a 2x tc is a silly idea. The combination is smaller than the 500mm but not by much.

    Once I get a camera to try out the lenses on I will be able to draw my own conclusions and post them here.

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    Re: Minolta RF Rokkor mirror lenses on NEX-5N

    Well all I can say; just try them on your next Nex!
    Don't know about RF but do about MF/MD Rokkor lenses.
    I like the Rokkor lenses in general but I can tell you that the 250 Mirror Rokkor is an exellent lens on M43.
    So it probably performs even better on a Nex.
    So small and so much reach. Ideal walk around lens.

    MF lenses do work for some time pretty good on other systems as well.
    But I am looking forward to use them on the Nex 7 with faster? focus (peaking).

    Kind regards,

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