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Thread: NEX 3/kit lens...not so shabby!

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    NEX 3/kit lens...not so shabby!

    I've been pleased with my NEX3&kit zoom which has replaced my pentax DSLR to good effect since June 2011. During that half year I have been more and more impressed with both camera and, more importantly, the kit zoom. All over the web there are statements from 'authorities' claiming that the kit lens is "inferior" or otherwise not better than it should be,...but this has NOT been my experience........The kit lens is simmply amazing for the price, size and weight.

    I am currently one of eight local photographers mounting a photo exhibition in my local arts centre. Of my three prints, two were made with the NEX 3 and kit lens!!.....even more surprising, the prints are 20 x 16 inches in size and simply fabulous quality. These are the first 'big' prints that I have seen from this camera and I will openly admit to a massive surge of excitement when I went to pick up the prints and watched the respect with whcih they were handled by the print girls as we all took in the superb quality.

    One of the prints has now made it into the window of the Arts Centre to hopefully entice passersby inside to look at the rest of the exhibit.....

    So,...What stuff do you hae that shows the NEX 3 (&5) 'beyond the call of duty'..??

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    Re: NEX 3/kit lens...not so shabby!

    No doubt the NEX kit zoom has slowly convinced the market that it is one of the very best such kit zooms, maybe even the best. The reason this took long to be recognized is that many demanding 'togs who bought NEX early in the system's life were drawn to the 16mm pancake, and disappointed. Thus the reputation of NEX: great body, BUT disppointing native lenses. The fact that Sony realeases the 7 with the same kit zoom says something about the lens IMHO.

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    Re: NEX 3/kit lens...not so shabby!

    Congratulations. I like first shot a lot. I should pick NEX-3 with 18-55 lens today. I hope I will be pleased with that combo as You are.

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