So, reading that someone was using there NEX camera ( not sure it was 7, 5n, 5... ) for sports using the LEA2 and 70-400 lens, got me to thinking. Does anyone have any experience with the combos in the subject line? My concern is acquiring AF, AF locked during shutter release, and image quality. The D700+200f/2 AFS is a great combo for my younger daughter playing volleyball and softball, older daughter in band, and my son in a school musical. It takes TC's well without image degradation. I haven't pushed the 7 at the higher ISOs, but I know the D700 is usable at 6400, but I don't need that with the 200 wide open--3200 looks great to me.

Add the Sony TC1.4. How does the NEX 7+LEA2+TC1.4+Zeiss 135/1.8 combo work in terms of AF and image? Does it slow down and does the image degrade?