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Thread: NEX-5N + raynox dcr-250 tests

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    NEX-5N + raynox dcr-250 tests

    Just got the raynox dcr-250 macro lens and decided to make some very very quick tests...sorry for the bad quality, but itīs just to ilustrate the potential this little lens has:

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    Re: NEX-5N + raynox dcr-250 tests

    Thanks for sharing those - a dramatic improvement!

    We can read here that it's made of high-quality glass and has an adapter which lets us shoot with a variety of lens/filter sizes.

    Is it otherwise similar to traditional close-up lenses?

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    Re: NEX-5N + raynox dcr-250 tests

    Not the same as a traditional close-up lens.

    Has three lens elements and good coatings and is less expensive and more versatile than a good achromatic close-up lens. Will fit lenses in the 52mm to 67mm diameter range. Good performance with short tele lenses. I used it with my Tamron 90mm macro to get closer to the subject without any loss of iq.

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