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Thread: Sony A35 +35mm f 1.8 = past pleasures

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    Sony A35 +35mm f 1.8 = past pleasures

    Honestly , initially , I was not keen on the Sony cameras , but a year ago decided to indulge in a Sony A290 . .
    OK , others are ' better ' for not much more outlay , but the stripped down simplicity and smooth top plate gelled with my ASD , which is distracted by details .
    I can also use my Minolta 35-80 which offers my favourite 52-120 focal length , as even 35mm seems distorted to me .

    But my final retirement camera , following much agonising is a Sony A35 , but I have become used to an EVF with the Pansonic G1 .
    The camera just fits my hands , maybe because it is similar in size and weight to my impulse buy plastic-fantastic Minolta 404si .
    Most of all the combination of nom 50mm of the 35mm and manual is a welcome return to familiarity as , over the years , I have learned to focus in 50mm snapshots to try and eliminate the peripheral input which threatens to overwhelm me .

    The EVF indicates the effect of different exposure combinations and I can alter the exposure at the flick of a wheel , which is great .

    Recently , I realised that I like as much sameness as possible looking through a camera , so a prime lens eliminates one distraction of altering the view .
    [ the Leica M8 was bought from an inheritance just because , from a Kiev camera , I had noticed how much easier it is for me especially with the nom 67mm-70mm cropped from my Jupiter 3 and Helios ]

    I don't worry about being a photographer - being behind the camera protects me from too much socialising , and collecting and playing with cameras [ consistent / familiar / safe ] helps enormously .


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    Re: Sony A35 +35mm f 1.8 = past pleasures

    What an interesting post. Are there subjects that you prefer? If so, in what way and why?
    Thanks for sharing your comments and your unique approach to cameras and photography.
    One of the things I love about photography is how it can be "so many different things."

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