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Thread: Sony screen protector for A7/A7R

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    Sony screen protector for A7/A7R

    I've just purchased a Sony PCK-LM16 semi hard screen protector for a new out of the box A7R. However it looks as if the camera may already have a screen protector on it.
    You can see the edge of the film if you look carefully at the corners of the screen. The screen/film has black border with the Sony logo and a purplish color when viewed by reflected light. The PCK-LM16 looks very similar to what is already there, including the logo. I don't want to attempt to remove the film in case its an integral part of the screen.

    Does anyone know if the camera comes supplied with a protector, can it be removed and the PCK-LM16 substituted?

    Thanks, Bob.

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    Re: Sony screen protector for A7/A7R

    Hi Bob, Put the protector on. Your new one does not have it though it might look like having one.

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