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Thread: Canon 16-35/2.8 with A7?

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    Canon 16-35/2.8 with A7?

    Anyone tried the EF 16-35/2.8L with the A7? So far I'm pretty smitten with the A7, but my wife needs a decent wide to shoot her sculpture works. Been using the 16-35/2.8L on a 6D, but if it'll work with an adapter (AF isn't really necessary) that could send the 6D packing. Alternatively, is there a good wide choice for the A7 at the moment? Sometimes need something wider than 24mm.

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    Re: Canon 16-35/2.8 with A7?

    Yes, the 16-35 L II works pretty good on the A7R. I used it with the Metabones Smart III adaptor (AF is working).
    But the combination is quite big.

    I can recommend the Zeiss ZE (Canon Mount) 18/3.5. Works perfect with the A7 and though quite heavy with adaptor the lens handles very good and is not to big.

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    Re: Canon 16-35/2.8 with A7?

    I just sold that lens. Um, it's a big lens. I really didn't want to have that on the front of what is such a tiny camera. That and the corners never really get that great. Replaced it with this:
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