Yesterday on a whim I bought a used 40mm for 364.00. I thought it would be a nice walk about lens. Since I just bought the Zeiss 25 f2 I had a gap till the 55mm. My plan was get the zoom and fill that gap and still is but I was I intrigued by how small the 40 is so I jumped on one. I bought the Canon mount since I did the Zeiss in Canon with the Metabones III adapter. So figured I would use that adapter but one problem is I might shoot both of these a lot together. So was thinking of maybe a cheap adapter for the 40mm but I don't see anything that controls the aperture via electronic to the camera like the Metabones. Any ideas would be great but love to see some images from it. It was rated very good in some reviews I read. Its going to be great to put in the corner of the bag lens too. Heck maybe Iill get the 20 to for those times for a small vacation kit.

Anyone please post some images. Thanks