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Thread: A7r dark focus

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    A7r dark focus

    Just tried shooting snow on the beach. Very bright......I had to shade my eye (left eyed) and still could not see very well at all. I noticed the lens was stopped way down to f11 or 16 shooting aperture, and I surmise this made the view dark. I had the shooting effects set to off. Also, when I tried to manual focus or pressed the button to magnify and manual focus, I got a message this action was not available. I had the camera set to DMF. I have used this camera before and had no problems, but I swear this thing has a mind of it's own. Also the ISO changed from 400 to 1600 by itself by the end of the shooting session. Also ( my error... Could not see very well) all shots were set to -1/3 stop further under exposing the snow....yes the dial on top accidentally moved.I think PS or DXO may be able to salvage the exposures, as I got some great stuff.
    Frustrated in NJ Dave

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    Re: A7r dark focus

    It can be easy to change the ISO - the wheel can get accidentally nudged. I turned it off and instead change iso from the fn button.

    For the focus, was there any contrast to grab onto? If it was blown out maybe it couldn't get AF, and iirc, you can't MF (I think DMF needs you to get AF lock first).

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