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Thread: First shoot with A7

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    First shoot with A7

    I thought I'd share a few brief comments about my first shoot with the Sony A7.
    Nothing scientific, just my personal experience with the camera in a fairly demanding environment - snow, clouds and wind (peak gusts @ 50mph).

    I've been very happy with my D800 and wasn't sure about using an EVF, but must say the A7 is pretty good in that regard.
    The snow was heavy at times and the A7 was worthy of its weather resistance as it was covered in snow. I set the A7 to continuous everything, including speed priority, EFC and airplane mode (for battery) and this camera fired off shots faster than I could imagine! The color is outstanding right out of the camera no bias at all.
    The LCD is surprisingly useful as low POV shots were easy - something I (mistakenly) assumed was just a consumer feature. Very impressed with this camera so far, there's a slight learning curve from the D800, but the A7 is very intuitive with the Fn button, and excellent placement of dials. The 24MP is perfect for this kind of shooting, in that it's more forgiving of bad technique. This lens/camera combo would be great for published landscapes too. In regards to the shutter, the sound is beautiful! A very solid, assuring confirmation even with EFC turned off. I think a lot of digital photographers are splitting hairs here, or have just become so spoiled to the bells and whistles of todays modern DSLR's. I am a little surprised that the A7r doesn't have the outstanding feature of an EFC, when in fact a 36MP, smaller pitch camera probably would benefit most. My next shoot is on location with strobes and wireless triggers...can't wait to try the A7 again...
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