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Thread: Manual Focus and the A7r

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    Manual Focus and the A7r

    I took a look in the user manual and couldn't locate this subject so decided to come here hat in hand...

    I'm having my 7r converted to IR and one of the things I hope to be shooting shortly is lightning. I've done this in that past with non-converted cameras so that part isn't new to me. What's new for me is the lack on either the FE 35 or 55 of a manual focus switch (for lack of a better term). I understand and have used the little button to switch back and forth however when shooting lightning I need the lens to be on full time MF. So, barring using an actual lens that only shots MF is there some secret way of turning the AF off on these lenses? If not I can certainly use my Mamiya/Phase lenses and get the same focal length, just want to keep it light and easy.


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    Re: Manual Focus and the A7r

    I use MF 2 ways on my A7R:
    1) Switch focus mode to MF (default is C2)
    2) Back-button AF (which holds MF focal length until pressing the AF/MF button. To enable this, turn off AF w/shutter in gear menu page 4. Toggle the lever to AF, then you need to press the button to AF.
    Don't know if that answers your question or not, but it's how I use MF. All the MF options on the A7R are actually very nice.

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    Re: Manual Focus and the A7r

    It's exactly how I am set up. Also I use my FN button a lot as well. I put all my needed settings in there as it's such a easy way to see what the system is doing in one look than I can just jump to what I want. For instance I took ISO off the main dial as I kept changing it by accident so it's my first item in the Fn. Also having the Fn populated very well keeps me out of going into the menus as much. Menu system is a mess so put everything in Fn even if you have it as a custom button 1,2 or 3 that way all else fails Fn is your saving grace.
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