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Thread: Zeiss 18mm lens on Sony A7r

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    Zeiss 18mm lens on Sony A7r

    Any word on the performance of the Zeiss 18mm lens on the sony A7R? are there any differences between the M mount, canon mount or nikon mount versions in terms of image quality.

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    Re: Zeiss 18mm lens on Sony A7r

    It is a wonderful lens on the a7R. I chose the Canon mount version so I could use it with the Metabones Smart Adapter. (I like that combo because it gives lens/aperture info in your EXIF data).

    The Canon and Nikon-mount versions perform equally well on the a7R. The M-mount version is a different design and from what I've seen/read, it doesn't perform as well on the Sony.

    I really love it.

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