So the A7S rental showed up yesterday. I also rented the 24-70 and 70-200 zooms and the LAEA4 adapter. Yesterday I did a bunch of low light comparisons to my A7R. The A7S has at least a stop of higher usable ISO (12,800 vs 6,400). Very useful for the party shooting I'm doing tomorrow (but also very boring comparison work). So today I decided to have some fun and find out if the A7S is more than just a night camera. I mounted a 200 mm f4 Minolta macro lens on the LAEA4 and walked around shooting butterflies and dragonflies. I set it to manual, 1/250th sec, and a lot of F16 (but not exclusively). I set the ISO to auto and had some fun.

Result, I love this camera! 12 mp is definitely all I need. I love the files. Now I wish I'd bought it instead of wasting money on renting (but who knew?). I put a few raws in a drop box. The link is below.