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Thread: New Guy with a 24mm ts-e inquiry

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    New Guy with a 24mm ts-e inquiry

    I would be very remiss if I didn't start off thanking you'all for the exceptional quality and civility of this forum. You have provided me with a wealth of info and save me countless hours and money. Well maybe not the money thing.

    I am in the process of switching from a pair of Fuji XT-1s, and the corresponding boat load of lenses, to the Sony A7 series. My reasons were: 1) Increase in sensor dynamic range and 2)the ability to use Canon's ts-e lenses.

    So I decided to forego the sometimes murky waters of the used market and pony up for a brand spanking new 24mm ts-e ii. Let's just say its journey from NY to WA state was troubled and the exterior box was roughed up. The Canon box was fine and the lens looks perfect. But the operation of this lens seem a lot rougher than I remember my 1st version of the 24mm ts-e. The focus is a bit stiff and there is a slight noise as the focus rings rotates. It feels completely external and the lens seems to focus fine.

    The other thing that I am noticing is that raising the shift knob is pretty tough and jerky in its operation. Not a smooth raising at all. Of course dropping the shift is perfect. And side to side is jerky as well.

    The tilt feature is smooth as butter and feels great. And quick review of shifted images of the book case look fantastic.

    So my question is: is this pretty normal for a new ts-e lense and will thinks loosen up as I use the heck of it? Normally I don't get too excited about little things but this is a pretty spendy lens purchase.

    Perhaps folks who own the 24mm ts-e ii would be so kind as to chime in.

    Cheers and thanks,

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    Re: New Guy with a 24mm ts-e inquiry

    Hmmm... My lens is only about 3 months old so hasn't had a lot of "bedding in" but right from the start rise and fall and lateral shift operations were very smooth. Only noticeable thing was that it's harder to operate the rise than fall - but they're both very smooth. Focus is also smooth but there's more resistance than was on my Mk 1 version. It feels like the resistance you get with viscous grease damping.

    There is some noise as you focus, a slight scraping sound and if you focus very quick a quiet gear like whine. Suspect the faint scraping may be the internal electrical ribbon cables and the whine the focus rack and pinion assembly.

    In summary all adjustments on my lens are smooth, not jerky at all.


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