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Thread: A77 ll for portrait work?

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    A77 ll for portrait work?

    Hello all,
    I am considering the A 77 ll with the 16-50 lens for portrait work. What are your thoughts with this combination? What strobe/flash do you use? I basically do landscapes and architecture work and use either my Sony A7r with Metabones adapter for Canon or my back up Canon 1Ds Mark III for that work but I am getting an ever increasing demand for portrait work and want to have a system for that. I like to keep my other cameras set up for the landscape and architecture work. The A 77 ll with the 16-50 lens and grip for $1500 is such a great price now that I am tempted.
    J. Paul

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    Re: A77 ll for portrait work?

    I'm sure that combo would work but it's probably somewhat limiting on the focal length for portraits. I'd say a 70-200 would probably work better. I had the first version of the A77 and I've taken a few natural light portraits just using a reflector. The A7r will probably be a better camera for portraits to be honest so I'd use the $1500 on portrait lenses.
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