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Thread: FE 24-70 vs. EF 24-70 II on A7r

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    FE 24-70 vs. EF 24-70 II on A7r

    Have been testing the FE 24-70 against my Canon 24-70 II. The FE is very close to the Canon. What I'm seeing is slightly better sharpness and contrast in the center with the canon, but the edge quality of the FE is better. I've tried 3 different metabones adapters for the canon, and the best is still soft at the edges at all focal lengths compared to the FE. Not what I've been reading, but that is what I am seeing.
    So the FE wins overall, much to my surprise.
    Any others test these two lenses care to share their experience?
    I've read just the opposite, people saying the canon is sharp to the corners (which it is on my 5Dm2), but it's not what I'm seeing on the A7r, and I'm getting tired of returning metabones adaptors thinking that is the cause.
    Shaun O'Boyle

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    Re: FE 24-70 vs. EF 24-70 II on A7r

    I only hsvr experience with the Canon on Canon and the FE on Sony.
    In my experience the FE24-70 is good (enough) that I wont even try the Canon on the A7-series.
    I ran some comparisons beween the 2 combos and did not find the difference significant (besides distorsion in the FE lens).
    If I want(ed) to use the Canon lens I would use it on a Canon body.

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