Want a big liveview or playback via corded tether don't want to mess around with learning a whole pile of new camera/wifi/nfc/computer interface concepts?

Items req'd: Sony A7 series camera, small HDMI-regular HDMI cord, HDMI/DVI adapter, Computer monitor with DVI input.

-Small HDMI to camera
-reg.HDMI to HDMI/DVI adapter
-DVI to comp. monitor
-Adjust Menu/Setup/3 as wanted (if needed at all. I use no/no, the defaults)
-Start shooting! Computer monitor is now essentially an extension of your LCD screen.

The following picture shows the cord/adapter, and the monitor. When you are actually viewing you'll see a recursive image on the monitor if you're pointed at the monitor. No picture shows, as the camera is exposing, and not outputting to the monitor at the instant of exposure.

Hope this helps anyone that wants a really quick & easy way to just make this work.