Hi to all, and more so to those who's user names I still recognise .

I've been away from the forum and photography for nearly four years now due to work and general life commitments. But things have improved and I found myself scratching my photography itch yet again.

A quick look into my old haunt, the Sony section informed me my A900 had been superseded by the A99 and the new kid on the block was the A7 E mount system.
Not wanting to load myself up again with all those wonderful and heavy ZA Zeiss lenses again, I decided the A7 was the path to "less is more".

A PM to Jono about the A7 and what was different between the models ... returned wealth of information and perhaps the best advice " don't read up on it ... just buy it!" regarding the A7mkII. Thanks Jono ... mission accomplished

Another PM to Michiel about all this legacy C/Y Zeiss glass that is now usable, again a wealth of information around the C/Y and N1 mount glass and adapters to go with them. Thanks Michiel, I will keep an eye out for a C/Y Zeiss 85 f/1.4 or more so the 100 f/2.0 if I can find one in the coming weeks or months.

Anyway, I've just arrived in Thailand this evening, a quick stop off in Bangkok and I'm all sorted for the moment, No Manual Loxia lenses available, Zooms were larger than I wanted, so I settled for a starter kit of Zeiss 35 & 55 AF lenses.
Battery is now charging, firmware downloaded, CaptureOne downloaded ... Hopefully tomorrow will bring some lovely opportunities to try this all out.

I'm struck by the lightness of the camera system, the "emptiness" or lack of glass heft in the Zeiss lenses, but I have no doubt the quality is there in abundance judging by the many fantastic images I've seen posted in here.

Now the only problem I will have is to find a good adapter, a nice distagon in a focal length yet to be decided between 18mm & 28mm and hope the planar 100 f/2.0 hits the sweet spot between my former two favourites 85 & 135 in the Alpha range.

An absolute maximum of 4 lenses is my target ... yea! I know ... famous last words ...

Hello all, I'm Eoin from Ireland, I used to have a gear problem, I still have a gear problem, I'm sure I'll still fit in