I did not pre order this lens simply because I did not have the money up front at the time. Now if someone has a chance to get extra one with there preorders or knows where I can grab one in stock please let me know. I'm leaving Thursday for NY via driving a truck . I get into NY on the 14th . I'm hoping for extra stock to service on the web but I'm getting nervous as this maybe too popular on release. I'm willing to pay a extra 100 dollars for it, so if something pops up please let me know. I'm shooting a big gig starting the 19th and love to have it although I did rent the 70-200 so I am covered but love to get a early test on this Batis for everyone. I can also reroute myself while driving if it's within the area. I actually have 2 main routes to travel.

Email is best guymancuso at me.com