After starting that "underexposing the A900" thread, I figured I'd start yet another, since I think this is one of the few civil forums left for A900 users, and I'm enjoying everyone's experiences and opinions. If anything, maybe new users will find some of the info and theories on the A900 interesting.

Iliah Borg, who some may/may not appreciate, is involved in RAW program development, and he owns a couple of D3x's, D3's and the A900. He is the one who got the ball rolling on the A900 underexposure thing, and I've found this latest tidbit from him really interesting. He claims that, if you are shooting a low-ish DR scene with the A900 at low ISO (ie. the histogram does not touch both sides after shutter or fstop adjustment,) that it is advantageous to actually INCREASE ISO to ISO 400-500 (500 with his converter of choice,) because it DECREASES shadow noise. Iliah is aware that this defies common thinking in this area, but he's done extensive testing, and he believes it's because of the A900's unique ADCs. Very interesting.

Between uniWB, underexposure, and now this, it looks like we have a lot of testing to be doing!