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Thread: A7RII ISO test with humans

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    A7RII ISO test with humans

    I took A7RII and 24-240 to weekly bridge game.
    Where we play at the club is near large windows so there was quite a bit of light, but farther away from the windows is relatively dark so there is some nearly black shadow areas.

    Camera was set for center weighted exposure. Av, F6.3 and ISO at 6400, 12800 and 25600.

    F6.3 is wide open for this lens at the selected focal length.

    EXIF is attached to the files if anyone wants to look.

    6400 No Lightroom adjustments other than import with Camera Profile created with Adobe DNG Profile Editor.

    Name:  20150819DSC01028.jpg
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    12800 same

    Name:  20150819DSC01032.jpg
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    25600 same

    Name:  20150819DSC01040.jpg
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    I don't think I'm going to be too worried about ISO "grain" during receptions.
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    Re: A7RII ISO test with humans

    ISO 6400 looks fabulous. I could get away with 12800 too.

    Folks thats 2 stops better than the A7II and the A7r . I could not get near these ISO's
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