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Thread: Contax Sony Focus Confirmation?

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    Contax Sony Focus Confirmation?

    I'm on my 6d, I was able to use an excellent contax yashica af adapter, that let me not only get the focus confirmation, but also let me program the aperture, so the settings would adjust correctly.
    I tried it on the commlite to sony adapter, but the focus confirmation did not work and of course the settng are not programmed for sony.

    Has anyone tried any other focus chips or adapters that work on the sony?

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    Re: Contax Sony Focus Confirmation?

    If you're using a Contax CY lens then there is no way to get programmed info with the Sony. If you're using the ZE then it should work as it did on the Canon with a properly coupled adapter. I personally use the ZF (no contacts) and it works fine in manual. The camera doesn't know any info from the lens though, and there is no focus confirmation as there was on a DSLR. I don't think the Sony's have this feature even with Sony lenses. You can use peaking (which I think is only good at 2.8 and lower), or focus magnification. I use C1 to magnify focus and it has me shooting about as fast as I would with a rangefinder.

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    Re: Contax Sony Focus Confirmation?

    I've tried many af confirm chips but none of them work very well. The only adapter that i had any success with was the metabones with emf chips. The best I could do was program the focal length and aperture. AF lock was hit and miss, mostly never showing and you need the setting effect off for the EVF to behave like a DSLR.

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