Hi all,

im after a new 35mm lens for general walk-around/street photography.

i currently have FE 35mm f2.8, leica MATE (28-35-50) and Voigtlander 40mm f1.4.

for night photography, i almost always go with the 40mm and i just love the F2. but 40mm is just that bit too long for me (with A7r).

while i always like the F2.8 but i feel i can do with with larger aperture and i really dont need AF.

there is one additional requirement for this new lens..... i will be using it with my old nikon FG-20 since im getting back into film photography too.

so, after abit of research, i have screened the choices down to two:

leica 35mm summicron-R II
Zeiss 35mm F2 ZF

the leica R can be converted to nikon F mount then i can use it on my A7r too. the zeiss is native F mount. I know zeiss has recently announced a new version of the 35mm F2, but optically, they are identical, so i will probably pick up a cheap second hand one.

i want to ask if any one has experience with these two? and perhaps better still, if any one has either one of these and experience with the new ZM 35mm f1.4 ? i know the ZM is near the top of its game so it will be good to have that as benchmark.

(i dont like the FE 35mm F1.4 due to size and weight, and for the same reason i have filtered out samyang 35mm).

Thanks and regards