Curious if there's others on this site that are 90/10 stills/video.
In stills-land, I've always been more of a Leica shooter. So I am into fast, manual focus primes.. 50mm, a bit of 35mm.
Doing video, I am much less comfortable with what lens to choose..
I lean wider for video.. 24-28 felt better than 35-50 range.

FE35/2.8 is super convenient in weight/size and being quite high quality.
I've got a C/Y 35-70/3.4 on its way.. used one a few years back, will see how I like it on Sony A7 series.
Tried just about all the other native FE lenses and not found myself too attached to them for video.

AF vs MF Focus - I probably want 1 AF & 1 MF lens as each has benefits for different kinds of shoots. Unfortunately there aren't any great hybrid AF/MS lenses for Sony. Sony FE fly-by-wire didn't work great for me for video.
Prime vs Zoom - A zoom may be nice, but I couldn't quite get the zoom-cut shot smooth with the FE zooms focus rings. Hopefully Contax C/Y push-pull zoom gets me there.

So what to try next?
Batis - 25mm is nice, OLED DOF is nice, fly-by-wire still.. (is it any different than the Sony FE MF?), autofocus is convenient, a bit big?
Loxia - 21mm (especially for Super35 mode) or maybe 35mm, nice size&weight, MF w/ auto focus-magnifier is very nice, de-click aperture is nice for video, maybe not the sharpest (but 4K video is only really 8 megapixels so who cares?)
I feel like a Loxia in the 24-28 range might have been more a no-brainer for me. Instead I feel torn between Loxia21 & Batis25.

Probably ruled out these
Canon adapted - Metabones AF adapter seems to work great, except when it doesn't .. with 2 companies firmware updates to worry about keeping in sync.
Other adapted - Lose autofocus of Canon and MF auto-magnify of Loxia.

Thoughts? Others similarly afflicted?