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Thread: Play Memories Sync to Smartphone?

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    Play Memories Sync to Smartphone?

    Hello all,
    I am considering the Play Memories Sync To Smartphone app. How well does this work? I would most likely use it with my iPad, but maybe my phone too. Any pros/cons of using it. I did read that you will want to make sure you you change your settings (in application settings) to shoot in Raw and Jpeg.
    J. Paul

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    Re: Play Memories Sync to Smartphone?

    I haven't used it personally, but I would imagine that for iOS it is functionally clunky like connecting the smartphone control app. That is based on this from the app page:

    iOS devices require you to manually launch the PlayMemories Mobile app.
    So it's not much different than manually initiating a photo sync.

    On android OS, PlayMemories can continuously run and the phone/tablet can connect/disconnect from the camera's wifi without needing the user's intervention, so it really works much better with those devices. I would pass on it unless you get an android device.
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