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Thread: What Windows machine or Surface Tablet works best...

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    What Windows machine or Surface Tablet works best...

    ... with Sony A7RII for wireless remote shooting?

    The reason I'm asking is that the firmware for Godox lights and triggers in the X system require a Windows computer to download and install.

    I've been a Mac guy for years, but am wondering if I might not be better off getting a Windows computer or a Surface Tablet if it also provides better support for wireless remote shooting from the A7RII. The tablet would be ideal since it will also work well in the field.

    Suggestions from Windows and Surface users will be appreciated.

    PS: I've gone the Windows double OS approach before but its not an approach I like very much.

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    Re: What Windows machine or Surface Tablet works best...

    I use a tablet (android) to wirelessly fire my A7r2. I'm not sure you can control it from a PC, just download images (which I've not tried). The help guide is worth checking but I don't see a wireless option. I think Capture 1 may have tethered control ...
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    As far as "good" PC tablets I ended up with a Dell XPS13 i7/16GB (laptop not tablet) after months of trying (in this order) a Dell XPS12, Dell XPS13 i5/8GB, MS Surface Book and a Stealth Razer. About the only laptop/tablet in this range I didn't try was the MS Surface Pro. All of the models at the beginning of the list had real issues with sleep, battery, video and wireless stability. The 1st reliable one was the Razer (no tablet mode) and then the higher end XPS13 which I got through Costco and at a very good discount. I read that MS fixed the sleep and other issues so I decided to try the higher end Dell XPS13 again, especially with the discount and it seems rock steady. One feature I wanted (strong nice-to-have) was a Thunderbolt 3 port. The MS options don't have TB3 ports but I really liked the Surface Book form enough to try. I also wanted 16GB of memory rather than 8GB, so the XPS13, aside from lack of tablet mode, is pretty good.

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