A recent thread discussed whether or not type-of-camera was the best way of arranging categories for the whole site, but I don't want to re-open that whole question, just a specific one:

I just acquired an 'RX2' and find I have too many choices, none of them 'right on,' about where to post its images.

We have these three threads:

--Fun with RX1rII,
--Fun with A7R series.
--Fun with Sony cameras-in-general.

Obviously the RX1rII thread is the most specific, but IMO it's way too specific. I bought the camera because it has the same sensor as my A7RII, and I expect the images I make with both cameras to be consistent in image quality and to end up in the same projects/portfolios.

Assuming folks really want images to be categorized by camera and then by 'subspecies' for sensor size, there was a reason to sort out RX1 and A7 images. But now that the RX1RII and A7RII sensors are i identical and both use fine Zeiss lenses, the distinction seems to have become bureaucratically elaborate, depending on body size and lens interchangeability. IMO these are distinctions too fine to matter when I want to show or see work.

In the film about Mozart, the Emperor complained about 'two many notes.' In the same vein, aren't there too many Sony categories?

Anyhow, I posted my first three R2 images in the most specific thread, but will add them here so I might see more feedback.


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