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Thread: A cool new feature on the A-6300

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    A cool new feature on the A-6300

    I was just watching a you-tube video comparing the A-6000 to the A-6300

    At 8:20 on the video I saw a little feature I really liked. They call it AF in focus magnify. Basically what it means is that hitting the autofocus button while in focus magnify (which is a manual focus function) does not throw you out of the magnified view. That way you can check that the autofocus has precisely focussed on the desired spot without having to re-activate focus magnify. It may seem like a small point but when you're hand-holding a shot small delays can be critical.

    Of course unless I buy the A-6300, which I'm not, this doesn't help me. But it shows me that someone is thinking of improvements that are meaningful to a real Sony shooter and implementing them. Of course I may be dead of old age before it's 100% but look at the big picture. My grandchildren have something to look forward to.
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    Re: A cool new feature on the A-6300

    I pick one up today for my backup cam.
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    Re: A cool new feature on the A-6300

    Quote Originally Posted by jfirneno View Post
    Of course unless I buy the A-6300, which I'm not, this doesn't help me.
    This is what bugs the S*** out of me about companies and their consumer attitudes.
    There are features in the A6300 firmware, like this, that should be implementable in the A7XXX firmware. I don't see where this has any hardware requirement to limit implementing it in other firmware via update.

    That is one of the many things I enjoyed owning Fuji X system cameras. The regularity with which they improved cameras via firmware updates with capabilities that had been introduced in other cameras.

    And before anyone asks, the reason I shifted from Fuji to Sony was primarily because of the larger high pixel density A7R and now A7RII for use with TSE lenses for architecture. I don't like having multiple camera systems so now all Sony. I also, when on a job don't like different cameras with different controls, so 2 A7RIIs. Which is also why I'd not purchase the A6300.

    Come on Sony. Some of us use these cameras to earn money. Keep the tools sharp please.

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