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Thread: ZM 28mm Biogon on Kolari Mod Cam?

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    ZM 28mm Biogon on Kolari Mod Cam?

    Has anyone done or seen a test done of the 28mm ZM Biogon on a Sony A7 series camera with the thin filter stack modification? I really want to see how this lens performs after the mod because it's pretty bad on an un-mod'd cam. Great on an M 240 though so I know it's ''possible' for it to be good on digital.

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    Re: ZM 28mm Biogon on Kolari Mod Cam?

    Not directly on topic, but I tested 28 Cron and Hexar RF lenses on Kolari, and found the former rather a mess, but the latter usable at f4.5 for street and f8/11 for more accurate work.

    Much more favorable results, however, with retrofocus 28s: I use classic Zeiss C/Y and a colleague uses Leica R. Heavier than M lenses, but no compromise in IQ in corners and at all apertures.


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