There were some requests for more info on the conversion.

Here is the camera and lens mounted on the shoulder stock in turn mounted on a monopod with a bogen monopod head.

The knob at the bottom of the handle turns a long 1/4x20 screw at the top of the handle that threads into the lens mount or the qr plate as seen in the pics.

To the right of the knob is a custom made piece to go around the knob and mount a qr plate to fit on the monopod. This does not come with the shoulder stock and has to be fabricated if you want to use it with a monopod. There is a threaded hole already in position though

By the way this is a newer version of the shoulder stock. The older version has a flat fronted bar where the handle on this one is and that is where it can be more easily attached to a monopod. If you can get the older style.

The next two pics are where the handle fits to the lens. The qr plate is gratuitous and I will probably not use it in the future. The handle connects directly to the tripod mount on the lens.

The next three pics are of the flanges with the modifications made.

The last three pics show the camera in the three positions supported by the rotation mechanism that is part of the lens. When converting make sure the middle setting is in landscape mode for the ability to use portrait mode with the shutter either up or down.

thas all!

Any questions just ask.

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