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Thread: capture one

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    capture one

    I'm a bit embarassed. I am usually one who only looks at directions as a last resort and usually I only use the index when I do.

    However, Capture One has me flummoxed. The workflow is so awkward I just really can't figure out how it works. Moreover when I go to the help files looking for something it doesn't seem to have the kinds of concepts I'm used to working in.

    Batching files for conversion to some kind of auto determined development ought to be a no brainer but I have yet to figure out how C1 does that if it can do that at all. Part of the problem is that I get frustrated after a few minutes and finally just close the thing and go back to raw developer so I can get something done.

    This is kind of vague I know but is there a primer somewhere that relates C1 to other programs like ARC or Raw Developer or Sigma PhotoPro?

    I've only got about 5 days left on the trial and I'd like to give both of us a shot at getting to know each other but so far no go.

    I'm downloading DXO now but I'm not sure how good it will be since I have not of the lenses it has modules for.

    I guess I'm just getting too impatient in my old age but between fighting with a parallels upgrade for the last two weeks and C1 C1 has been the loser.


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    Re: capture one


    The key to using C1 is to remember it will put the converted files wherever you tell it......if not it will put it to the last folder that you set up!!

    My filing system is to use the same top folder and then make a new folder which I name ****_developed.

    If you are using C1.4.7 (the latest update) then the library for finding files is on the very left of the control buttons. The next is the "quick develop" button which I never use. Then "colour" for adjusting WB which I very rarely need to touch that with the A900 unless I have shot in mixed lighting. Then comes "exposure" which includes the usual exposure adjustments, I always try auto but often ignore it's advice as the Sony does such a good job. I do look at the Dynamic range auto and often accept it's advice, but I do often use "levels" with linear contrast.Then comes "Crop" which I sometimes use but I often prefer to crop if needed in Photoshop, the same with the next button "Detail" which is sharpening,the default does a great job and I usually leave it alone. then "process" which means convert using the settings that you have already adjusted to the file that you have asked C1 to send the "developed" image to. The last button allows you to see the images waiting still to be processed as a batch if that is what you are doing, or the history of what has already been processed.

    It is much quicker to use than it is to write this stuff! I usually do a batch of 'em and then go and have a meal while they are all developing!!

    You must set the parameters of your required image files up in advance. As I often print to A3+ size, I always convert to 16 bit Tiff' very large files.

    You could convert to smaller files by using 8 bit tiff's or 8 bit jpeg's.

    I hope that this helps Mike and doesn't confuse you. It really is quite easy once you have mastered the setting up process within the "Process" button...use the "file browse" control to ensure that your converted image goes to where you want it to go.

    I have used many Raw developers over the years, but this one suits me best and I know that Guy will confirm this too, but I think that he uses C1 Pro.
    Cheers, Dave

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    Re: capture one

    Mike, have you tried this tutorial from Phase One itself ?

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