Viewpoint Gallery is a small, non-profit gallery in Sacramento, Ca. Their mission statement:

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, a nonprofit organization, is the heart of a thriving, energetic, and supportive photographic community. Viewpoint’s role is to promote the art of photography through:

* Exhibits of original photography by contemporary and historic photographers.
* Lectures, discussion, workshops, field trips, and educational programs.
* Events to foster public awareness and appreciation of photographic art.
* Collection, preservation, and publication.

I've been a member there, and they offer great shows, workshops, as well as a thriving community of photographers.

They hold an auction each year to help support the Center.

If you like/collect photographic art, this might be a chance to get some very high quality work, at a pretty decent price. All of the work was donated to the Center by the photographers.

Their website is Viewpoint Gallery

A link to the auction is: