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Thread: An Appeal from The Digital Journalist

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    An Appeal from The Digital Journalist

    Dirk Halstead of The Digital Journalist is making an appeal now that Canon has with drawn support for the site.

    The Digital Journalist Appeal

    I've always found TDJ to be one of the leading websites on multimedia journalism. I'll donate just to keep the "Requiem" project on line.

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    Re: An Appeal from The Digital Journalist


    I wish they would put a date on their messages -- "... the December issue of The Digital Journalist ..." could be December in any year.

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    Re: An Appeal from The Digital Journalist

    If you hit the link taking you back to the Index page, it clearly shows November 2009 and Issue 145. However, the author could easily have put a date after his name on the article/plea, if to to nothing more than create some added urgency.


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