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Thread: Steve Serota was a classic camera repair guy

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    Steve Serota was a classic camera repair guy

    I know I recommended a few folks from the forum to Steve Serota's work. He ran an online camera repair shop from his home just outside of Philadelphia called Classic Camera Workshop. He unfortunately just recently passed away.

    I had a number of my c-mount lenses and a GH1 camera still with him and picked them up at his home recently.

    His wife asked me to let folks know of his passing on the different photography forums in order to let folks know who may have known him or in case they still have lenses or cameras at his shop.

    I wrote some reflections that you can read on my blog under Steve Serota Classic Camera Workshop.

    We seldom hear stories of the guys who are still around who are able to restore and make new our vintage lenses and cameras. It's a rare find these days to find folks like Steve and I just want to give my kudos and respect to those folks who continue their labor of love restoring classic lenses and cameras.

    Here' a quick pic from one of the lenses that Steve restored for me, a Yvar 75mm f/2.8 c-mount.

    This was taken on my drive back from Steve's house. This is the beautiful Chinatown Arch in Philadelphia. Steve's old camera shop was just a few blocks from this arch. Here's to you Steve!
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