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Thread: Shutter actuations - here's a process

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    Shutter actuations - here's a process

    For those of you wondering how to tell the number of shutter actuations on a given camera, the file name will most often NOT be the true number of actuations. The file names can be reset at any time.

    Here's the method I use to determine the acutations. I know this works for Leica M digital cameras and probably works for others too. There are other ways to do this, but here's one that may help:

    Take a JPEG photo. Then load that file into an EXIF reader in your browser to get the HEX value, then convert to decimal.

    Here's the online EXIF reader:

    Look for the file name/number. It should be a string of many zeros
    followed by a few letters. Take the last 6 numbers/letters and use
    this to convert to decimal:

    for example, "0004CE" is 1230 in decimal. That's 1230 actuations. Voila.

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    Re: Shutter actuations - here's a process

    Thanks for the tip. I am sure this will come in very handy at some point.


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